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Why Apple’s Colorful iPhone 5C is a Crazy Hit

It’s almost mind-boggling to watch people go nuts over the new iPhone 5C. Apple’s newest device can be pre-ordered now, with an estimated delivery date of October 4th – but aside from a minor OS upgrade and better camera, Apple’s new marketing model simply revolves around a set of vibrant colors and a plastic case. Now, you may ask, who really needs a new colorful phone badly enough to go as far as pre-ordering one?

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Business Writing: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Nowadays, it often seems to me that it’s trendy to be “incorrect”: the grammar and spelling in emails, Tweets, and chats have become less important than the real meaning behind them. And really, that’s the whole premise of communication. All too often in my role as an editor, though, I come across business writers trying to follow that lead—and that can be risky. Personal messages may allow some creative license, but getting too careless or casual with business messages—emails in particular—can damage your brand.

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What Is the Job of a Marketer?

I recently had a professional approach me and ask me what a marketer really does. That question caught me off-guard. Before I became a professional marketer – even as far back as high school – the field of marketing had always been crystal clear to me, and I wasn’t really sure how to answer. One of the greatest things about growing older, however, is that moments like this make us stop and ponder an idea without the bias of a young ego.  Do people “get” what I do, I wondered? Maybe yes, maybe no.

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Dealing With Indifference on Social Media

It’s a common marketing puzzle: you understand the value of social media, and the importance of promoting your company through all the relevant channels. You reach out to your followers, comment on other people’s pages, and frequently post interesting, informative content on your own. Yet somehow, you aren’t fueling the social interaction you hoped for.

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