4 Aug 2017

7 Things You Can Learn from Facebook Insights Data

If you have a Facebook business page and you haven’t been using Facebook Insights data to improve your overall reach and engagement, you’re missing out on one of the best features your account has to offer. Facebook Insights data offers a wealth of information, all of which can help you improve your presence on the popular social media channel.

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3 Aug 2017

7 Essential Components of a Small Business Marketing Plan

If you’ve recently decided to start your own small business, are in the beginning stages of developing your business, or you’re even a well-established business in need of a boost, a small business marketing plan can help you make a number of important business decisions.

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2 Aug 2017

7 Post Ideas for Facebook

At Pulse, we always suggest that our clients post regularly to their social media profiles. But what does “regularly” mean? On Facebook, you should post 3 times per week, at minimum. It’s preferable is you post 2 times per day, 7 days per week. Keeping up with a schedule like and brainstorming new post ideas can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 post ideas for Facebook.

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31 Jul 2017

5 Steps to Managing a Social Media Crisis

Social media is a great tool to use if you hope to connect with prospective customers. You can share product information, testimonials, photos, and more. Past, present, and future customers can engage with your social media profiles by liking your post on Facebook, retweeting your tweet on Twitter, commenting on your Instagram photo, or watching your videos on Snapchat. This positive engagement is great for business, but what happens when someone has a negative experience and decides to use your social media profiles to let others know about it? Managing a social media crisis like this can be stressful, and sometimes difficult, but following these 5 steps will help you out if and when the time comes.

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26 May 2017

Why You Should Read Your Local Paper to Become a Better Blogger

As Pulse’s content writer, I often hold blogging training sessions for our clients. The President of Pulse, Cintia Miranda, joins me to help provide our clients with tips about how to start a blog, how to choose the best blog topics, why it’s important for a business to blog, and how to become a better blogger.

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