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How to Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition through Social Media

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Happy Social Media Day! Social media has taken over the digital world for the past decade, providing businesses with the opportunity to put their message in front of the world. Social media is quickly becoming one of the most powerful advertising tools in the digital landscape, and the good news is that you can reach audiences with content in a way not possible on other platforms through no or low cost options.

  1. Boost Posts

For even a small ad budget, boosting organic posts on Facebook allows you to get your message in front of potential new customers. With just a $1 a day minimum ad spend, you can choose a marketing goal, such as increasing page likes or driving traffic to your website, select the demographics, location, and interests to build your target audience, and view performance metrics. We usually recommend a budget of about $20 per week to start, but your budget can vary greatly depending on your audience, product, current reach, and marketing goals. 

  1. Increase Engagement through Unique Posts

Involve your current audience in your posts! Think of unique posting ideas that not only promote your products or services, but also encourage engagement through likes, comments, and shares. Great examples of this include polls or questions, giveaways, contests, trivia, or otherwise encouraging your current following to become “brand advocates” by sharing your posts with their current network.

  1. Post Behind the Scenes Content

In today’s social media world, users love to engage with brands and learn more about the people behind the brand. They want to know who they’re buying products or services from. Can they relate to you? Do they support your mission? Communicate who you are through “behind the scenes” posts, whether that means videos of what a typical day in your shop looks like, what your processes are, what products you use to create your products — anything that gives an inside look into your business operations! Not only can this increase engagement and interest in your products, but it can also build trust in your brand and the people behind it.

  1. Partner with Other Local Brands

Team up with other local businesses in your area to offer special promotions to social media customers! For example, a golf course could offer a 10% off special promotion to customers of the local sport equipment shop. This collaboration shows that you love to work with other businesses in your community, and that you want to offer great deals to your customers. Additionally, teaming up with complementary businesses in your area can increase your brand awareness through word of mouth and show that your products or services come recommended by others in the area. 

  1. Offer Social Media-Only Deals to Your Followers

Everybody loves a great deal! Offering social media-only promotions to your followers has the potential to increase your social media following and encourage users to check your posts consistently. How you manage these promotions is completely up to your business, but some ideas include providing a screenshot of the post or having to like the Facebook page before a customer can receive the deal. Social media-only promotions encourage customers to share your posts with their network to spread the word about your deals and promotions. Similar to discounts for your social media customers, offering social media-only “secret menu” items, like specialized coffee drinks if you’re a coffee shop, or off the menu restaurant dishes, encourages your customers to follow and share your social media posts in order to receive the “inside scoop” and specials that may not be common knowledge. This also shows that you appreciate your social media followers and want to reward them!

Leveraging your social media following is a great way to build brand awareness and create brand advocates at low or no cost. If your business is struggling with social media ideas, reach out to Pulse Marketing Agency today to learn more about our social media services!

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