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Package Design Taking product marketing to the next level. 

Taking product marketing to the next level. 

At Pulse, we understand the impact that packaging can have on sales and the user experience, and know how to take your product marketing to the next level. At the crossroad between form and function, product packaging is an opportunity to sell your brand and the quality of your offering to customers before ever have a chance to interact with the products themselves. An attractive, well-designed package entices customers, encouraging them to learn more your product. In a world of product saturation, eye-catching and informative packaging can make your product stand out and make the short list for product consideration.

Package Design Samples

Beal’s Lobster Pier

Beals Grammys Gift Sample Open -
Pulse designed packaging for Beal’s Lobster Pier that appeared in the 2018 Grammy Awards gift bags for guests.


PXL 20210505 175310735 1 -

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