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3 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

With a new year comes new trends in the world of marketing. As time goes on we’ve seen incredible shifts in the marketing landscape that have been primarily due to technology. It’s important to stay up to date with what’s working and what’s not when it comes to marketing, which is why we’ve put together 3 marketing trends to watch in 2018:

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3 Marketing Opportunities You May Be Missing

There’s a line snaking out the door, one of your employees called in sick at the last minute, and there’s an angry customer asking to speak with the person in charge (that’s you). If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably had days when it seems like nothing is going right. On days like this (and often others) marketing opportunities are such a low priority that they’re not even on your list. That’s completely understandable — as a small business, we recognize the challenges associated with making your own marketing plan come to fruition.

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Ask the Marketer: “How Often Should I…?”

As marketers, we’re often asked questions about various topics, from social media advertisements to blogging. A common question that seems to come up time and again spans a few subjects and generally follows these lines: “how often should I…?”

Determining how often you should post to Facebook, blog, or send out an email is tough. You don’t want to spam your customers, but you also don’t want to neglect them or miss out on potential opportunities to sell a product or service. Here are three questions we often get about how often to carry out a marketing tactic, and why that frequency is so important to your business.

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3 Things to Offer if You’re Considering Online Shopping Options

According to CMO. by Adobe, total online sales for holiday 2016 were over $90 billion. Online shopping continues to grow, and if you’ve been toying with the idea of an online shopping option for your customers, you should make sure you can provide a few perks to ensure the experience is optimal.

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Which Marketing Tactics Should You Invest in Next Year?

If you’re a small business owner, you may have to make choices when it comes to marketing. Rather than invest several thousands of dollars into a dynamic marketing strategy, you may have to pick and choose marketing tactics based on the budget you find works best for your business. If that’s the case, you may be wondering what’s worth investing in next year, and what should be cast aside.

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5 Content Marketing Statistics to Consider as 2018 Approaches

As the end of the year approaches, you may be creating your 2018 marketing plan or even polishing up a final version to share with your employees. Whatever the case, using data from reliable marketing sources to create and/or refine your plan will ensure that you’re using the right platforms and methods to reach your target audience. Content marketing is one method to consider as you form your plan. Content marketing involves creating sharable content that doesn’t explicitly promote or sell a product, but promotes interest in a product or brand. Using content marketing in your marketing plan will help you provide customers with useful resources that position you as a reliable source of information when it comes to information about the product or service you provide.

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Big Brand Spotlight: Hallmark

As we put Thanksgiving behind us and look toward December holidays and the new year, there are certain brands that are, once again, launching holiday marketing campaigns that lift our spirits.

Each year, I find myself watching Christmas movies in my spare time as I prepare to celebrate with family. Every so often, I’ll catch a spot-on Hallmark commercial that makes me smile, laugh, say “aww,” or even shed a tear.

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9 Useful Writing Tips for Marketing

You may not consider yourself a writer, but if you want to do almost any kind of marketing for your business, you must put one word after another until you’ve completed a sentence. Because this is true, taking advice from those who consider writing their profession is a great way to improve your own. Even though many authors who provide well-known quotes are novelists and poets, their advice is still applicable to anyone who has to market a business.

Here are 9 useful writing tips that you can use in your marketing:

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Did You Know That Good Design is C.R.A.P?

Shelby here! As Pulse’s project manager and former content writer and editor, I have a certain set of skills that I’m most comfortable writing about. These include content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing – to name a few. However, I’m not as experienced in graphic design and find that I don’t write often enough about the topic. That’s why I asked Pulse’s graphic designer, Branin Blodgett, to help me come up with some topics for audiences who might be interested in learning more about graphic design. One of the first things he said to me when I asked him if he had any ideas, was “have you heard of C.R.A.P?”

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