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How to Build or Increase Your Business’s Brand Awareness – Virtually!

Brand awareness can be one of the most valuable assets of your business’s marketing strategy, though it is an often-overlooked marketing asset. More than just your audience’s familiarity with your product, brand awareness can actively champion your business and help you remain top of mind, in the conversation, and within consideration without any active marketing at all. Businesses with strong brand awareness often make sales simply by being the default choice for their products and services. Why do product research when you can simply “let’s go with what we know!”  

When you think of building brand awareness, you might think of logo bumper stickers or brand ambassadors. However, there are a multitude of unique and engaging approaches to build or increase your business’s brand awareness digitally and ensure that once your ideal customers are in the market for your product or service, you’re the first business that comes to mind. Behind every strong brand is a consistent message that aligns with customers’ perception of your business. Give these methods a try, and see your business become top-of-mind!

Organic Social Media Posts

The first step to building brand awareness is to have a strong organic social media presence. Organic social media posts are those that do not include any paid components — they are not sponsored, boosted, or created through an ads manager. These posts are a great way to encourage your social media followers to tag their friends and share your content to reach a larger and more qualified audience. Try to think of organic social media posts that encourage your followers to engage with your posts to generate likes, comments, or shares. A great way to encourage engagement on your posts is to hold a giveaway for a free product or excellent promotion to the best commenter, or to encourage users to tag a friend on the post.

To really keep your brand in your potential customers’ minds, create engaging content that will stick in their memory. For example, post an Instagram story about how your product is made, or a behind the scenes look into daily life at your business. Post a Facebook Live video sharing how your business prepares for the day, or directly answer questions about your products or services. Show your audience how your equipment works, or how your products are made. Not only do these types of posts stick in your customers’ minds and differentiate you from your competitors, but they can also instill trust in your brand by being transparent about your business processes! Just be careful not to give too much valuable information away, as competitors can see these posts, as well.

Social Media Ads

Another great way to build and increase brand awareness is to implement paid social media ads. Social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have paid options to promote your brand’s message and reach a specific and targeted audience of your potential customers. Most social media ads look like other social media posts, except they state they are sponsored. They appear in a user’s normal feed, and will appear to the audience members of your choice — for example, 18-25 year olds living in New York City. Seeing your brand among their normal scrolling routine will keep your business in your potential customer’s mind, and they may even associate your business with the other positive posts they see on social media!

Google Ads

Get your message in front of the right audience with Google Search Ads! Google Ads allow you to reach your potential customers while they are actively searching for your products or services. Google even lets you select “Brand Awareness” as a campaign goal — it’s a great tool for informing customers about your service while they’re searching for or considering other options. For example, if you sell homemade chocolate bars, a great idea would be to include the keywords “chocolate,” “handmade,” or “local” to reach a crowd of users actively searching for products like yours. Be sure to set your product apart to increase brand recall — showcase what makes your brand different or unique! Google Ads also lets you target your specific audience with features like in-market audiences and demographics, to reach potential customers who are already actively searching for products like yours and are in the market to purchase.
Building strong brand awareness among your audience can help your brand stick out in a potential customer’s mind, as well as drive consideration of your products or services. You want to be sure that your potential customers know what you offer, and how those offerings can help solve their problems. Lastly, it’s important to ensure that your brand is distinct so it can be differentiated from its competition, while also informing customers of its benefits. If you’d like some assistance building your company’s brand, contact Pulse Marketing Agency today!

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