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5 Public Speaking Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Image

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The next time you get the opportunity to present at a conference, it is very important that you put adequate time and effort into perfecting your public speaking skills. The quality and appeal of your presentation reflect both you and your brand; therefore, it is important to take note of these public speaking tips to improve your brand image and impress your audience.

1. Be Credible.

Showing your audience that you are a trustworthy source of information should be one of the first goals of your presentation. Otherwise, your audience may question whether or not there is credibility in your brand. If you are presenting statistics from outside sources, state the date and compiler of the resource. If your facts are based on your own research, briefly explain the background of your study. In order for you to gain your audience’s trust, present your brand as a reliable, fact-checking source of information.

2. Be Energetic.

Not only will being enthusiastic get your audience’s attention, but it will also reflect well on your brand image. Even if your product or service usually isn’t considered exciting, show your audience that you think it is! Involve your audience with your presentation, if at all possible, and by all means, don’t stand still in front of the podium! Find the perfect balance between keeping your audience’s engagement without making them afraid of your next move.

3. Be Concise.

If you can present your subject in a matter of minutes, it is best to expand the scope of your topic rather than ramble on the same issue for an extended period of time. You will quickly lose your audience’s interest in you and your brand if you cannot simply state your main points. Being concise does not mean leaving out valuable information, though, so be sure to give your audience enough content that they walk away feeling educated and inspired.

4. Be Emotional.

Find a way to make an emotional connection between your audience and your brand. If audience members feel they have a relationship with your brand, they will be more likely remember it and share it following your presentation. Combine your words, tone of voice, and physical movements to trigger an emotional response from your audience—such as laughter, sadness, or anger. If you are trying to influence audience members to donate to your cause or purchase your product, using an emotional connection is a great way to bring your audience to the point of purchase.

5. Be Ready.

As hinted in the introduction, you should be thinking about and preparing for you presentation many days beforehand. This doesn’t just include practicing in front of a mirror the morning of the speech, but it also requires presenting before a set of critics, perhaps multiple times. Whether it’s your family or coworkers, it is important to receive the input of others before you put your brand’s reputation on the line. They will often pick up on unclear phrases or transitions that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. They also might be able to tell you what information is missing from your speech that the audience might benefit from hearing.

When preparing for your next speaking opportunity, it is important to remember that your public speaking skills are a representation of you and your brand. By engaging and impressing your audience with your professional presentation, they will see your brand as high quality and dependable. Also, remember—you will receive what you put into your presentation, so give it your best!

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