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How to Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Business Account

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Twitter can be an overwhelmingly fast-paced social media platform to use for business—at least at first. For one, you are limited to only 140 characters to get your message across. Then, once your message is finally shortened and sent, it doesn’t take long for it to get buried in the sea of other Tweets.

Despite some of the barriers that may discourage you from opening or continuing to use your Twitter account, businesses can greatly benefit from the unique features of this highly popular social media platform. Here are a few things to remember when using Twitter for your business:

Get in the habit of Tweeting regularly.

Find the happy medium between posting frequently enough so your followers have the chance to see your Tweets in their feeds, but not too often that they will unfollow you because you are all they ever see. With 500 million Tweets sent per day, you are bound to get lost among other Tweets if you are only posting once a day or less! The key is to find out when your followers are more likely to see and interact with your Tweets—so you can get the most out of the Tweets you send! Test your posts over the course of a few weeks to get a good idea of how frequent you need to Tweet and the best times to send your messages.

Don’t focus on the hard-sell, humanize your brand.

It may come natural to constantly post about your product or service, but this kind of content, including calls-to-action, are not necessary for every Tweet. Instead, try to show the human side of your brand—make a connection with your Twitter followers—and take advantage of using visual content, such as photos or videos, to get your audience’s attention. While you may be tempted to stick to topics inside the scope of your business, give yourself some creative freedom so your Twitter page does not come off as a broken record.

Listen to your followers.

If your Twitter strategy consists of getting people to follow you and then bombarding them with posts about your business—you’re doing it wrong. Not only should you be careful not to annoy followers, but you should also make sure you are not missing out on engaging in conversation with them by failing to listen. If they ask a question you can answer—whether seriously or humorously—do it! If they are talking about your brand—good or bad—touch base with them! You will succeed on Twitter if you learn to listen to what others are saying, not only about your brand, but about their other interests as well.

Measure your brand’s impact.

You may think you have the whole Tweeting thing down, but what do your analytics say? You won’t fully realize how you need to tweak your Twitter strategy for your business if you don’t track your successes and failures. Twitter offers its own free analytics tool to help you easily gage the impact of your Tweets and get to know more about the people who follow you. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this valuable information, which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your Twitter business account.
Though Twitter may seem like a difficult social media platform to utilize for your business, the best way to get started is to experiment and track your progress! Once you get used to the fast-paced world of Twitter, you’ll be flying with new ideas to engage your followers and promote your brand—all through 140 characters.

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