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How to Use Vine to Enhance Your Online Marketing

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We recently wrote an article about the importance of integrating visual content into your social media marketing strategy for 2014. In the digital age we live in, people no longer have the time or patience to read through lines of content—even if there is an attention-grabbing title.

The shift from text to visual content has been going on for a while, but as we are nearly a third of the way into 2014, there is no time like the present to jump on the visual marketing bandwagon if you haven’t already.  One way you can start incorporating visual content into your online marketing is through Vine—the video sharing app acquired by Twitter in 2012. Here are a few ways to use the Vine app features to enhance your online marketing.

Utilize the stop motion video feature.

Vine gives you 6 seconds to record your video, but you can stop the recording and start where you left off multiple times within those 6 seconds. This allows you to get really creative and make videos encompassing hours or even days! You can use this feature to showcase your product or service, such as before and after footage—giving your audience insight to what your brand can do through only a small commitment of their time.

Embed your videos on other sites.

One of the benefits of using Vine is the ability to embed videos on your website or blog. Once you’ve created your video and shared it on Vine, you can email the embed code to yourself and place the code on your site to expand the reach of your videos. This feature can greatly enhance your online marketing if you want to share your creative video with audiences that aren’t on social media, but who have access to your website.

Create a unique hashtag.

Twitter should be your go-to app for sharing Vine videos with your online audience. Although you can share them on Facebook, Vine videos show up directly in your Twitter followers’ feeds—making it easy to watch without having to click on a link. Take advantage of this collaboration between Vine and Twitter by creating a unique hashtag for your Vine videos. Lowe’s, for example, had great success with its Vine campaign #lowesfixinsix, which promoted home improvement how-to videos on Twitter.

Visual content is vital to catching your audience’s attention online and getting them interested in what your brand has to offer. You can greatly enhance your online marketing by using Vine’s 6-second videos to showcase your business.

If you want to learn more about using Vine for your business, come to our next Social Media Seminar on April 10th at the Machias Savings Bank Community Room in Brewer! RSVP online, and come prepared to improve your social media skills! Contact Pulse Marketing Agency for more information on this exciting event.

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