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The Benefits of Advertising through the Google Display Network

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Google offers businesses many powerful tools to help spread and monitor their brand online. Google AdWords is one of those tools, which provides businesses with the opportunity to show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when certain keywords are searched.

Businesses may not know, though, that they can also use AdWords to advertise on websites within the Google Display Network (GDN)—and there are many benefits of doing so. If you have a little extra cash in your advertising budget, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider using it to advertise in the Google Display Network.

Expand your reach.

The GDN is comprised of over a million blogs, news pages, and other sites that Google deems suitable for ads—including Google’s own Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. The network also includes apps and mobile websites, making it a great place to expand your reach online where you may be bound by time, money, and other resources. It is also claimed that the GDN reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide—a very important aspect for businesses that need to expand their online reach.

Create ads for free.

Another benefit of advertising through the Google Display Network is access to Google’s ad tool, which lets you create ads in various forms. Although you may not have ultimate customizability, the free Google Display Ad Builder can help you quickly put together text, video, and display ads that will work for your business.

Find a targeted audience.

Advertising on the GDN gives you a lot of options for targeting who you want, where you want. For example, you can select specific websites, games, apps, and more in the GDN where you want to place your ads—this is called managed placements. You can also use contextual targeting, which places your ad on different sites based on the keywords you have selected. This method helps place your ad in front of people who are most interested in your product or service.

Measure your success.

It should be no surprise that Google gives you access to detailed reports on your advertising through the GDN, but it is a very important benefit to remember. You can learn a lot from your ad reports, including which ads have the most clicks and what the value is for those clicks. This feature gives you the ability to track and monitor your ad engagement and measure the success of your campaign.

Advertising on the Google Display Network can provide many benefits for businesses of any size. Not only do you have access to over a million digital places to put your ad, but you also are given the tools to create your ad and show it to the right people. Businesses looking to expand their reach—but are constrained by a limited budget—should consider advertising with the GDN to help them achieve their marketing goals.

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