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How Does Your Website Measure Up?

Today’s web is fiercely competitive. Staying relevant is no longer simply a matter of having a website – you need to keep a close eye on your competition and see what they are doing, and ensure that your own efforts do not fall behind.  And don’t think that because you were ahead of the curve a year ago that you are still there today, either. The web is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and technologies and practices that were once cutting-edge can (and do) quickly become dated.

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Making the Most of Your Mobile Website

It is impossible to deny the continuing growth of mobile computing. Nowadays, more and more people rely exclusively on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to browse the web, shop online, and stay in touch. I have asked my colleague Ian Marquis, Creative Director at Pulse Marketing Agency, to give us some tips to help you ensure that your company’s mobile website puts its best foot forward:

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Agency Angle: Why Customer Loyalty is Worth More Than Cash

My greatest reward as an entrepreneur isn’t the monetary value of returning customers; it’s the trust and dependability those customers represent. A contract renewal is worth a lot more than just the financial incentive attached to it – it’s a continued vote of confidence and commitment from my clients.

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Agency Angle: When “Good Enough” Just Isn’t Enough

My first boss (and my most memorable) used to say, “Achieving success is easy. The hard part is sustaining it.” Businesses can sometimes become complacent about their success. When things go consistently well for an extended time, it’s easy to develop a false sense of security, to assume that things are running smoothly because we’ve “mastered” a system and that the current growth momentum will just continue.

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Don’t confuse integrated marketing with fragmented marketing

With so many marketing channels available and competing for your advertising dollars, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of marketing fragmentation. Each advertising channel will offer a ‘better solution’, with a ‘higher ROI,’ and ‘guaranteed exposure.’ These offers are, of course, very appealing to business owners and marketers coming out of a recession with an enormous thirst for business growth.

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Analyzing the Success of Your SEO Program

Having a well designed website doesn’t mean that your organization has secured a visible web presence. In order to ensure that your website is highly “discoverable,” you must invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via “natural” or unpaid (“organic”) search results.

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How to Create a Memorable Tagline for Your Brand

The job of a tagline is to communicate what your brand represents in a clear and concise manner. Therefore, taking the time to create a memorable tagline is a very important step in positioning your brand – and of course, it can evolve along with your business to reflect changing market trends and industry focus.

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Business Etiquette Can Be Your Golden Ticket

Proper business etiquette not only conveys expertise, professionalism, and confidence; it also helps set your company apart from the competition. Appropriate dress, direct eye contact, and a firm handshake all contribute to a successful representation of your brand – but these can all fall flat if they’re not reinforced by appropriate behavior.

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