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Promotions Ideas for Plaid Friday and Cyber Monday

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Holiday shopping is a competitive sport. Consumers are trying to get the best deal possible while stores are trying to attract their business. To be in the game, you need to have promotions that catch your customers’ eyes and their wallets.

Here are a few ideas for small business holiday promotions that will put the odds ever in your favor:

Time is on your side. Setting promotions for specific dates or times will create a call to action by giving your customers a limited time offer. Take advantage of days known for sales like Plaid Friday (Black Friday) and Cyber Monday. Make any day a sale day with daily deals or coupons to be used on certain days.

The best things in sales are free. Offer your customers a free item with their purchases, whether it be a free sample of a product, a gift card, or the popular BOGO (buy one get one) deal. If you sell items online, consider offering free shipping to boost your sales. Contests on social media add to the competitive spirit of holiday shopping while still allowing you to give your customers a free gift.

Go for the previews. Previews are not just for the movies anymore. Offer special customers a deal before the actual sale. Another way to do this is to offer a pre-order discount for those who order items before their release date online. Hold a VIP sale for your email subscribers or other special customers.

Be your customers’ guide. Everyone has that hard to shop for person on their list. By creating gift guides for different demographics, you can help your shoppers find that perfect gift for their loved one who has everything. Once the purchase has been made, include a guide on how to use and care for the item.

The competition may be fierce but these promotions will give you a competitive edge.

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