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How to Reach Your Donors During the Holidays

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As any nonprofit knows, donors are the key to their success. They also know that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for everyone, including their donors who are trying to balance all of the festivities with lengthy to-do lists. Convincing them to give to charity may be challenging as donors are budgeting for holiday gifts and travel. These challenges make outreach efforts during this time more important than ever as they are essential to your organization’s campaign.

Here are some ideas to help you successfully reach your donors this holiday season:

Know your audience. To reach your donors, you must know who they and how to engage them about your cause. Take time to do some research and build a strategy surrounding it. Most important in today’s world, don’t forget to have a social media presence since that is where many of your donors will be. Our will help you to do just that.

Convert them. In communicating with your current and prospect donors, be sure to clearly educate them about your cause and how their support is important. Be sure to include facts and figures about your organization’s impact, which is made possible in part due to their support. Build trust in your donor relationships by giving them the knowledge that their donation is being put to good use.

Giving is receiving. Your donors want to feel like they are getting something in return for their donations. A simple thank you letter or holiday card is a fairly easy way to do this. Even the act of giving itself can give something back to the donor through holding charitable events or giving gifts in exchange for donations.

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