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Kohl’s Cares About ME: A Pulse Success Story

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Here at Pulse, we truly want to be a part of your organization’s success story. Whether you want to spread awareness of your cause, or you need creative pieces to promote your products and services, we want to be your partner in building your brand and watch it grow.

This past year, we were honored to be a part of a local nonprofit’s success story. Sebasticook Valley Health (SVH), located in Pittsfield, approached us looking for a marketing plan to include in a grant request to Kohl’s Corporation. We worked closely with the SVH team to create a strategy that ultimately helped them secure the grant.

The awarded grant required that we launch a creative concept for a school and community gardens initiative across the state, but with a higher concentration in the Sebasticook Valley. The Pulse team developed a logo and branding guidelines for the Kohl’s Cares About ME campaign. We were able to successfully integrate the Kohl’s logo with the program brand design to increase credibility and recognition across the state.

Our team understood the variety of grant regulations, communication goals, and challenges of reaching out to the target audience: a low-income, low education population residing in the rural areas of the Sebasticook Valley. We conducted market research and combined the collected data with information provided by Sebasticook Valley Health and Kohl’s Corporation to produce effective marketing materials that would best communicate the initiative in a clear and compelling manner. Our research findings also aided in designing the brand’s ambassadors – two cartoon kids created in the likeness of area children – to aid engagement with elementary and middle school children in a fun, playful, and natural way. Visit our website to view samples of our work for the Kohl’s Cares About ME campaign.

This campaign is currently running and has been very successful in engaging children and families to increase physical activity, choose healthier foods, and learn the benefits of community gardening. The feedback has been so positive that Sebasticook Valley Health has initiated the request for next year’s grant and is confident they will receive approval from Kohl’s Corporation. Schools outside of the target area initially identified are requesting information on how to collaborate with Kohl’s Cares About ME, showing the impact of this campaign before the gardens were even tilled. If you’d like more information about Kohl’s Cares About ME, visit their website.

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