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Why E-Networking is a Good Investment

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Last week, Pulse Marketing Agency co-hosted the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours with a very impressive turnout. We met both familiar faces and fresh ones, as the Chamber welcomed several new members. Networking in person can be a pleasant way to make new community business contacts and spread the word about your company, but it is sometimes difficult to take advantage of every opportunity.

In addition, personal networking can be nerve-wracking when conversing with new people in a different setting. Luckily, though, the internet provides us with a valuable way of reaching out to business professionals and potential clients anywhere – through a process known as E-Networking.

What is E-Networking?

E-Networking combines the principle of traditional networking (making profitable contacts by physically reaching out to those in your business community), with the benefit of doing it all electronically from a computer or mobile phone. E-Networking is becoming increasingly important as more people are incorporating digital trends into their daily lives. Whenever you email a potential client whom you have never met, or post a question to a professional online forum, you are taking advantage of some of the many benefits of E-Networking.

What are the Benefits of E-Networking?

E-Networking Enhances Time Management
Networking is crucial to expanding public knowledge of your company and making contacts for potential future business. However, meeting face-to-face is often difficult, especially when there is no guarantee for a return on your time investment. E-Networking is a great alternative when your busy schedule doesn’t allow extra time for networking events. All it takes is a simple email or quick post to a networking site, such as LinkedIn , and your message is out there doing the work for you.

E-Networking Expands Outreach
Although you may enjoy attending events or hosting your own networking sessions, E-Networking allows you to contact an even wider range of new contacts whom you otherwise may not have met. Traveling in and out of state can be expensive and virtually impossible for some small businesses, but E-Networking provides a way to reach potential clients while sitting at your home or office.

E-Networking Eliminates Intimidation
If the thought of networking in person makes you nervous, E-Networking might be a safer strategy. E-Networking means you’re able to communicate without being put in an uncomfortable, high-pressure social situation. If you’re concerned about not knowing what to say, for instance, or about answering tough questions on the spot, E-Networking offers a great way to converse with others confidently and comfortably.

E-Networking offers many benefits for those who may feel they are restricted from personal interaction by time, location, or personality. The convenience of E-Networking can give businesses a bigger reach in less time, and without some of the challenges of meeting face-to-face. While your best bet is still to combine personal and electronic networking strategies wherever possible, E-Networking has the potential to take your business to places you’ve never thought possible.

The professionals at Pulse Marketing Agency love E-Networking, and we’re happy to help you bolster your own networking strategies!

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