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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Google is a gold mine of free marketing tools and resources. Google Analytics is one of their most valuable treasures for small businesses. There are so many possible uses for this app that can be customized to fit your marketing needs. As a Google product, it is very user-friendly and versatile. It can be used with any website, unlike other analytics programs designed solely for their intended platforms.

Here are a few ways that you can use Google Analytics to improve your marketing strategy:

Have it your way. Based on your individual needs, you can set goals, create custom dashboards, and customize alerts. You can use as few or as many of these features as you would like. No matter which customization features you choose, it can be used as part of a successful inbound marketing strategy by tracking activity on your website.

Pick your audience. All activity to your website is tracked through Google Analytics. This allows you to find out who is viewing your content and create marketing segments based on their demographic information. You can also see how well your website works with the different browsers your audience members are using. For improved audience analysis, you can even stop tracking your own visits to your website.

And listen to them. Through Google Analytics, you are able to find out which pages on your website are most visited and what content visitors are looking for. Based on those statistics, you can make strategic marketing moves to increase conversion rates. Just be sure to review your analytics regularly so you can stay informed and act accordingly.

Take measurements. Not only can you use Google Analytics to measure audience behavior like website visits, searches performed, and emails opened, but you can also measure your website’s behavior. You can measure your website’s speed and metrics as they are happening, and receive email updates daily, weekly, or monthly, if you choose to do so.

Using Google Analytics is only one part of a full marketing strategy.

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