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Top 5 Blogging Tips for 2016

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To compete in today’s digital world, you need to stay relevant and an engaging blog can be helpful. Your blog is the place to show your expertise and build a relationship with your clients. Your content must be engaging in order to stand out among millions of other blogs on the Internet and attract readers.

Here some tips to craft an outstanding blog in 2016:

Meet your readers. Your audience is the key to your blog’s success. Make sure you are attracting the right audience by gathering information about them that can help you to create content to meet their needs. Remember that a well-crafted blog can attract new clients to your business by answering questions they may have about the product or service you offer.

Keep them hooked. A catchy blog title and attractive photograph does a better job of attracting readers than written content. About 80% of readers will read your headline and only 20% will read the rest of your blog. Make sure that the 20% keep reading by telling a story in your content that both engages and informs your audience.

Create your image. Your blog forms your audience’s first impression of you. Make sure it’s a good one by creating an image that reflects your brand’s goals, values and expertise. Once you have this image in mind, make sure that it is consistently reflected through your blog’s content and voice. Be sure you’re your content uses language your audience can understand, in a professional and helpful manner, without sounding condescending.

Quality and quantity. The purpose of a blog is to share current information. You need to post frequently in order to keep your blog at the top of your readers’ minds and search engines. Frequency can vary depending on your needs. Posting too often can actually drive readers away by decreasing the quality of your blog.  Aim for one to three highly relevant and engaging blogs per week. Also, to make your blogs more conversational, respond to readers’ comments as they are posted.

Size and SEO matter. In order to be found by your potential readers, your blog must have search engine optimization (SEO). Be mindful of this when creating content for your blog. In order to be search engine optimized, a blog must have a minimum of 300 words. Along with this size requirement, your blog must also have keywords relevant to your content that will be used to search for it.

Your blog is one of the most valuable marketing tools your business can have.

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