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Toll-Free Numbers and Click-to-Call, Not Just for Big Businesses Anymore

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When you think of toll-free numbers, what do you think of? Late night infomercials on television? Your cable company’s customer service line complete with hold music? Or do you think of a way to help your business thrive in a nationwide market?

If you sell anything online, a toll-free number is an asset to your business. Even in the age of cell phones, an 800 number gives your business credibility if you are selling items across the country or world. However, if you only serve your community, a local number will give you more recognition in your hometown. With either kind of number, you can have a vanity number that reflects your brand.

Setting up this service is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Your local phone company can assign you an 800 number for an additional fee each month that forwards calls to your landline or cell phone. If you relocate, your 800 number can easily follow you to your new location for free. Just be sure to notify the phone company of the move.

A mobile-friendly alternative to a toll-free number is the click-to-call button, which can easily be added to your website. To be connected with you by phone, a customer simply clicks a link or button on your website that brings up the dialer on their smartphone. This feature has become so popular, that Facebook has included it in its ads for businesses.

As for how your new phone number or click-to-call button will impact your sales, it may actually boost them. Because calling a toll-free number or using click-to-call is free to the customer, he or she may be more likely to call you. If you have a vanity number, it will increase calls even more because callers will be more likely to remember it and share it with their friends or family.

In the age of smartphones, being able to be reached by phone is more important than ever. Even more important to your success are the people calling you.

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