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How to Use Facebook Remarketing

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Remarketing has been around for a while now, but many small businesses have been leery to try this somewhat advanced online marketing strategy. Now that Facebook has rolled out its own version of remarketing, though, you don’t have to be a Google AdWords pro to reach your recent website visitors. In fact, Facebook has made it pretty easy to get information from your website about recent Facebook users’ interactions with your website. Below are three simple steps to begin taking advantage of this new tool:

Step One: Go to Ads Manager in Facebook and click on Audiences on the left side of the page. A form may pop up, but if not, simply select the green Create Audience button and choose Custom Audience from the drop down. Next, choose the type of audience you want to create on Facebook. In this case, you’ll want to choose Custom Audience from your Website. Here you can select which of your website pages you want to gather the audience from. You can choose to record anyone who visits your website, or you can track those that visit specific pages. For instance, do you want to target people who have viewed a certain product on your page, but didn’t purchase it? You are able to define those parameters here.

Step Two: Next you will be given a code called a “pixel” to insert in your website code. If you aren’t the person who manages your website, you can easily click to send the code to your web developer. Once the code is placed and verified, you will start to see your audience grow. Overtime you will be able to create an ad and target this custom audience. However, be aware that your audience has to be substantial in size in order for you to advertise to it. Facebook claims that the Custom Audience must have, “at least 1000 people to help ensure meaningful reach with your ads.”

Step Three: Make sure your ad copy is enticing enough to get them to revisit your site. For instance, if your custom audience is composed of visitors who viewed your selection of women’s bicycles, create an ad that is specific to them, such as, “10% off all women’s bikes!” or “Free shipping off your bicycle purchase!” Although it might seem creepy to some users, most of us are used to seeing targeted ads based on our browsing history—and Facebook Remarketing is just another tool to help show relevant content to customers.

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