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Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Business

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We’re well into the holiday season, and on this Black Friday, many people have their minds set on gifts for their loved ones. Even if you’re a bit behind on your holiday marketing, it’s not too late to reach out to customers about your products and services.

Here are a few holiday marketing tips to keep you connected with customers as the holiday season continues:

1. Send a festive email promoting your product or service. A few promotional emails sent to your best and returning customers will help them keep your business in mind as they get into the swing of their holiday shopping. If you add in some special coupons or free shipping with expiration dates, it will sweeten the deal and entice them to act quickly.

2. Push your products and services on social media. If you started hinting at the holidays in late October, you made the right choice. Even if you have yet to post much about the holidays, it’s not too late. Many people find their favorite products over social media, and if you boost some posts about holiday offers over the next couple weeks, it may help customers think about your business while they’re looking for the perfect gift.

3. Send a holiday greeting card. A winter holiday card sent to your loyal customers will show them that you care, and will help put your products and services in their mind.

4. Give back to others. Showing that you care about the community is not just a way to show consumers that you are connected, it’s a good thing to do. Choose a charity or two to get involved with and encourage your customers to get involved too. Give coupons or small free gifts with a specific amount of time volunteered to those charities or amount of money donated.

There are many ways to get the holiday spirit started – these holiday marketing tips will help you get back on track, but you should come up with your own unique holiday marketing tactics as well. If you own a wine shop, you could hold a holiday tasting party. If you operate a spa, you could offer a special discount on gift cards during select days of the month. Do something that will help your business stand out from the rest – and always make sure your product or service is the star of the show.

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