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Holiday Gifts From Business to Business

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With the holiday season comes a list of people to shop for. Finding the perfect gift is a challenge for one person, but what do you get the group of people who make up your business clients? Your clients are the most important people on your list since what you get them shows how much you appreciate them.

Here are a few suggestions for holiday gifts from business to business:

Be a basket case. Gift baskets are always a good bet for business clients. Different types of food and beverages can appeal to the palates of all of your business client’s staff members, making them easy to share. Depending on your client’s tastes, these baskets can range from the simple fruit basket to an elegant wine and cheese sampler.

Give gifts that keep on giving. A monthly subscription based gift can keep you on your clients’ minds throughout the year. These subscriptions are sharable, especially food or drink gifts like coffee-, tea-, or chocolate-of-the-month clubs.  For non-food based gifts, a magazine or trade journal subscription will feed your clients’ brains.

Let your business relationship bloom. Nothing beautifies a workspace better than a live plant or floral arrangement. Plants and flowers also make great holiday gifts for your business clients. Along with providing festive holiday décor, your clients will have a visual reminder of your blooming business relationship.

Give the gift of yourself. A gift certificate for a free product or service from your business makes for a great personal gift you can give your clients. If your clients are satisfied with their free product or service, most likely they will return throughout the year. This is also a great way to recruit and retain newer clients. You can do this year round by offering free resources related to your business online.

While making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice, remember that the best gifts are from you.

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