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How to Make Google Love Your Website

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By now you’ve probably heard – if you don’t create content for your website, it’ll be hard for anyone to find it. Google, one of the most popular search engines, ranks your website according to how well it’s optimized for search engines (SEO). One way to make your website more SEO and Google friendly is to add content that is valuable to others.

Here are five ways to make Google love your website:

1. Update your online content frequently. Google doesn’t like stale sites. Instead, the popular search engine prefers websites that add value to the Internet by providing content that answers people’s questions.

2. Focus on interactivity. Are customers spending time on your site, commenting on your blog posts, signing up for your newsletters, and buying your product or service? If so, you’re doing great. Just because you write a bunch of content, it doesn’t mean Google will love you – you have to make sure that users interact with that content once they get to your website.

3. Use reliable sources and be a reliable source. Your content should be so good that others will want it on their own website. If others are linking to your page, then you’ll rank higher in Google’s search results. You should also make sure you link to content from other reliable sources if you’re referencing research or a different post.

4. Be original. Don’t plagiarize, and don’t duplicate content from other pages of your website. This negatively affects your SEO.

5. Create content that Google likes. Blogs aren’t the only way to attract an audience. Create case studies, conduct interviews, make a list, start a contest, tell a story – each of these are great options and will help you build a resource base that others trust.

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