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Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

Avatar of Pulse Marketing By Pulse Marketing

“It’s only November 9th!” you probably said when you saw the words “Social Media Marketing for the Holidays.” Yes, it’s only November 9th, but guess what that means? There are only two weeks left until Thanksgiving, and 45 days until Christmas, and you should take advantage of every single one of those days for your holiday marketing – especially when it comes to social media.

Here are three quick tips to ramp up your holiday social media marketing:

1. Develop an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a simple tool used to plan your content creation throughout a certain period. At Pulse, we plan our content by the month for our blogs, and by the week for our social media. It’s a simple way to stay organized and on track, and it’s even more important during the holidays. Your holiday editorial calendar can include fun content that’s focused on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Three Kings Day, Kwanzaa, Yule, Christmas and even Boxing Day. All around the world it’s the time for celebration, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t join in with your content. If you own a bakery, you could create an infographic about cakes made around the world for the holidays and share it on your social media page, or you write a blog post about why your product is the perfect Christmas gift and post it on Facebook. Write all your ideas down in a calendar, and then make them come to life.

2. Make your customers feel important. Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. The holidays are a time for giving, so show them that you appreciate them by offering a special discount with a purchase, or a gift if they spend a certain amount of money. Post the offer on your page with a message that lets your customers know you appreciate their business.

3. Spend some money on Facebook advertising. If you want your holiday social media marketing to reach a wide audience, you should invest some money in Facebook advertising. You can create an ad that links to your website and has a promotional code included, or you could post something about the holidays and boost it to get more engagement. Whatever your tactic is, you should be willing to spend a little money so you can earn a little more. Everyone will be on the lookout for the perfect gift for their loved ones – use Facebook advertising to show them why your product is just that.

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