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6 Keys to a Great Landing Page

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If you’re advertising a service, product, or promotion, it needs a home on your website. Your content should persuade potential customers to purchase what you’re selling, and share their contact information. To get them to do so, a landing page connected to the service, product, or promotion content you produce is important.

A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a link. A landing page should start with a strong headline, clearly describing what your product or service does, and how it can help prospects solve their challenge. Drive this point home with visual context and emotion – an image, video, or preview that demonstrates why the viewer needs the product. Social proof, such as customer testimonials, will help establish expertise and credibility.

The request for information on a landing page should be simple and friendly. Avoid asking for more information than you need and test different forms to see how much your prospects are willing to share. You should also optimize for mobile devices.

The keys to a good lead generating landing page are:

  • A strong, clear purpose. Customers are on this page for a very particular reason. Make sure that you stay focused and on topic. Don’t wander off into subjects that don’t relate to what your landing page is supposed to be about – you can create a separate page for that information if you think it’s important.
  • Clear, accessible call-to-action links. Be sure your landing page includes calls-to-action and contact options that are easy to find and click on.
  • Visual context and emotion. Be enthusiastic. Stoke your viewers’ curiosity by sharing exciting information. Don’t be afraid to make creative or unusual connections from seemingly unrelated fields, and make sure that the information is presented in a visually appealing way so it holds their interest.
  • Brand validation. Let potential customers know about your expertise and credibility. This can be done with client testimonials or examples of work you’ve done previously.
  • A straightforward, simple request for information. The reason you want customers to visit your landing page is so that you can convert leads. A simple form that asks for the person’s name and contact information can help you nurture that lead.
  • Responsive web design. A huge percentage of people access the web from the cell phones. Make sure your landing page is optimized for different screens so you don’t lose potential customers with a site that doesn’t function properly on different devices.

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