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Blogs About Marketing Strategy

  1. Business Etiquette Can Be Your Golden Ticket

    Proper business etiquette not only conveys expertise, professionalism, and confidence; it also helps set your company apart from the competition. Appropriate dress, direct eye contact, and a firm handshake all contribute to a successful representation of your brand – but …

    Avatar Cintia Miranda
    Mar 01, 2012
  2. Choosing Your Marketing Activities Wisely

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the noise going on in the marketing world? If so, you are not alone. The marketing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, and none of us can afford to remain uninformed of …

    Avatar Cintia Miranda
    Jan 04, 2012
  3. Marketing Plan = Business Success? You bet!

    The New Year is quickly approaching us. For most organizations, their fiscal year follows the calendar year; as a result, the month of November is critical to budget, business strategy, and marketing planning. During November and December, marketing professionals typically …

    Avatar Cintia Miranda
    Nov 07, 2011
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