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Blogs About Sales & Customer Retention

  1. Planning for 2014? Don’t Overlook Customer Surveys

    According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season can represent as much as 20-40% of annual sales for some businesses. That makes the December rush an ideal time to bolster conversion rates – and when you’re reassessing your marketing …

    Pulse Marketing
    Dec 20, 2013
  2. How Long Would You Wait for Customer Service?

    I’m far from a personal stickler for customer service, but as a content writer for a marketing agency, I’m well aware of the damage a really negative experience can do to a well-established brand. Every impression counts when it comes …

    Pulse Marketing
    Sep 20, 2013
  3. How to Craft a Winning Elevator Speech

    Small business owners and sales people know the challenge of summing up the benefits of their products or services in just a few words. This concise yet compelling rundown – known as an “elevator speech” – is a key component to …

    Pulse Marketing
    Jul 03, 2013
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