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Big Brand Spotlight: GoPro

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You’ve got to admit it was an excellent idea to begin with: a small, rugged camera that can be mounted, worn or used to record or photograph millions of different things that would previously have been difficult or impossible to capture. The first HERO from GoPro was launched in 2005 as a 35mm camera, but the camera has since evolved and now comes with a variety of capabilities, including WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, water resistance, and a touch screen.

GoPro claims they make “the world’s most versatile camera.” To prove that, their marketing focuses on the photos and videos taken with the camera, rather than the camera itself. It seems to have worked for them – the GoPro Instagram account has 13.1 million followers and an impressive collection of incredible photos and videos featuring everything from dirt bike riders pulling off insane stunts with an angle that can only be achieved by strapping a GoPro camera to their helmet, to scuba divers experiencing the incredible diversity of our world’s oceans and recording it thanks to the waterproof capabilities of their HERO 5 (the newest model).

So why should you think about GoPro as you approach your own marketing strategy? Big brands like GoPro are successful partially because of their approach to marketing. GoPro uses a content marketing strategy, employing user-generated content to continuously feed their audience images and video of thrilling adventure. They instill a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) in each user that watches – that user begins to think about their adventures and all of the unique perspectives they could get if only they had a GoPro.

Perhaps the most important takeaway is to remember how GoPro markets their products – they don’t use photos of the camera on their Instagram account to show people how convenient and powerful it is – they use the stories that result from using it.

How can you do the same with your business? Instead of using a photo of the cup of coffee you sell, use a photo of the person who comes in every morning to buy that cup of coffee. Instead of sharing photos of clothes on display at your store, put together a base outfit, find a model, and add accessories to make take it from casual to classy.

Find the story that your product tells, and then bring that story to your audience, just like GoPro.

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