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7 Ways to Delight Your Clients

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In a mobile world, human beings are more connected than ever. This is especially true in the business world, where client relationships are the key to your success. Like any relationship, business-client relationships must be maintained to keep them alive.

Here are 7 ways to delight your clients and maintain your relationship with them:

Keep in touch through email. Most businesses have a list of clients that receive regular email updates about specials or events. If carefully crafted, email messages can be a great way to keep in touch with clients. Just be mindful of your email etiquette so that your message doesn’t end up in the trash folder.

Be human. Even in our digital world, people like to communicate with other people. Having a customer service representative answer your phone calls or emails makes people more likely to come to you for help. Nothing can replace genuine human interaction in a business-client relationship.

Report out. Both you and your client want to know how well your business is doing. By sending out reports to your clients, you create a level of transparency that builds trust and strengthens your relationship. Just be sure to simplify language used in the report to explain the results and what they mean to the client.

Get on the same page. When sharing ideas with a client, be sure to do so in a way that they will understand. This will make them more likely to get on board with any proposals you make. This understanding will also help to prevent or resolve any possible conflicts.

Think outside the box. After a while, business-client relationships can become routine. Don’t be afraid to share new ideas or try new strategies with your clients. Most likely, they will find the change refreshing.

Be timely. Time is the most precious resource that we have. Everyone is on a schedule and expects to stick to that schedule. When proposing new projects to your clients, be sure to have a timeline based on similar work you have done so they know what to expect from you and when.

Follow up. Your clients want to hear from you. Respond to them when they contact you. If you tell them you’re going to do something, do it and let them know. This will give your client respect for you.

Your business-client relationship is one that is mutually beneficial.

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