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What’s Old is New Again in Blogging

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Engaging blog content is essential to a successful marketing strategy in today’s world. With blogs receiving 528 million page views per month, content is being consumed faster than it can be produced. If you fear running out of ideas for your blogs, don’t fret. Repurposing old content can be a practical way to save time and attract new viewers to your page.

Here are 4 steps to refreshing your blog’s content:

Find posts worth updating. Look for a blog post that is between 6-12 months old with content that is outdated or could otherwise be improved upon. Look at how well the post has performed based on keyword searches and conversation rate potential. This determines how well the refreshed post will do once it is published.

Update the post’s content. When updating blog content, you should strive for accuracy, freshness, and comprehensiveness. Be sure to research new data or other information to add into your post. You should be making enough improvements to warrant republishing the post.

Optimize the refreshed post. Like any content you create, search engine optimization is important. You will be building off of the search authority that the previous post has, especially if it has relevant keywords. Just be sure to update the keywords to reflect the refreshed content as Google ranks pages for freshness.

Publish the post as new and promote it. Before publishing, be sure to date the post for the current date. Once published, use your newsletter, social media or other channels to promote the refreshed content. Then, watch the traffic roll into your blog from your new post.

Your blog is one of the most valuable marketing tools your business can have. Whether you’re new to blogging or have an established blog, we’d be happy to help you with it.

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