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3 Simple Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Brand

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In the busy world of nonprofits, where one employee usually wears many hats in the organization, it’s often hard to find time to strategize about branding. However, building your nonprofit’s brand should be a top priority. Building your brand will help you gain credibility and awareness of your organization and its services. Here are three quick and easy ways to build your nonprofit’s brand:

1. Make brand consistency second nature.

How you portray your organization is very important, and should be consistent on social media, your website, print materials, and any other channels you use.

For instance, ask yourself how many different versions of your logo are out there. If you have more than three variations of your logo, you should probably consider creating a style guide for your brand. A style guide provides a list of best practices for using your logo, listing its hex code colors, fonts, and more. A style guide might also provide a white version of the logo that you would use on dark backgrounds and a black version for use when color is not available.

2. Educate your employees and volunteers.

When you trained your employees and volunteers for the job, did you give them a lesson in your nonprofit’s brand? If not, it isn’t too late. Make a quick one sheet or PowerPoint that you could easily distribute to those who represent your organization. Be sure to include your mission statement, who you serve, and how you serve them. Educated employees are one of your best assets. Use them as brand ambassadors, but make sure they know the message of your brand.

3. Be sharable.

If you want others to aid you in building your brand, give them a good reason to talk about you. For instance, post photos of your volunteers on social media, or give a shout out to a company who made a large donation. When others see these “good feeling” posts, they may be more likely to interact with your brand through a “like” or a “share.” This will give your brand more online exposure and hopefully increase the perception of your brand.

By making sure you are always consistent with your brand’s presentation, your employees are educated in your company’s message, and your social media content is sharable, you will be proactively building your brand with minimal effort!

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