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Hero’s Sports Bar & Grill


    Hero’s Sports Grill approached Pulse Marketing Agency in December 2014, looking for a strategy that could bring in new customers and convey the restaurant’s youthful atmosphere with fresh, creative marketing materials.


    Our initial analysis indicated that Hero’s had multiple brand styles, which was confusing. Pulse refreshed the Hero’s brand and created guidelines to ensure that all materials, including their social media pages, website, and print pieces, were consistent and delivered a unified message.


    With brand guidelines in place, Pulse created a self-mailing lunch menu for office delivery in the downtown Bangor area and included coupons as an incentive for people to try the new service. We redesigned Hero’s kids’ menu and dessert menu to enhance the experience of Hero’s customers, and other menu redesigns are underway. New posters were created for Hero’s to show off during their catering events, and Pulse also developed a new, robust website for Hero’s. With a responsive design and easy-to-use navigation, the Hero’s website offers detailed menus, an event calendar, and a reservation system, while providing a user-friendly experience for everyone, both on desktop and mobile devices.


    Hero’s also hired Pulse to manage their other marketing channels, including monthly email newsletters and social media. Our goal has been to create a craving for new customers to experience Hero’s Sports Grill and keep the restaurant engaged with their valued patrons. Creating beautiful, visual posts with images of Hero’s drinks, food, and bar atmosphere, we use Hero’s social media channels to share daily specials and event reminders.


    Hero’s now has a consistent brand image that is easily recognized across all channels. Hero’s has a new responsive website with online ordering and reservation capability. Since the launch of the new website, web visits have increased substantially. Hero’s lunch business is booming and they receive consistent feedback on how well received their social media posts are.

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