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3 Tweetdeck Basics for Your Business

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There are many tools available to help you manage your social media accounts. There are some that are more useful than others – like Hootsuite, a platform that allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram simultaneously and far into the future. Tweetdeck is much like Hootsuite, but just for Twitter. If you use Twitter for your business, signing into and trying out Tweetdeck may drastically improve the way you tweet.

Tweetdeck allows you to do many things that will up your productivity and save you time. Here are 3 Tweetdeck basics to get your started:

View multiple columns and timelines in one interface

Tweetdeck’s interface is simple to use and allows you to view multiple timelines at once. Do you want to see your home timeline, monitor your notifications, and view the activity of those you follow all at once? Tweetdeck can do that. You can bid constant screen switching farewell with Tweetdeck because everything is in one place!

Additionally, you can connect multiple Twitter accounts to one Tweetdeck interface. If you’re an entrepreneur with multiple businesses and multiple accounts, you can have them all in one place!

Schedule tweets for future posting

Do you have a bunch of ideas you need to tweet? How about spreading them out a bit to keep your activity consistent throughout the week? If your business has a special on Thursday, but it’s only Tuesday and you know you’ll forget to put the word out then, Tweetdeck can help. With Tweetdeck, you can use the scheduling tool to send out tweets on certain days and times in the future. The scheduling tool is simple to use. All you have to do is compose your tweet, click “Schedule Tweet” and select the date and time you want it to post, then click “Schedule Tweet at [date/time]” and you’re done! This useful tool can help you prepare and schedule your social media posts in one day, instead of spending an hour here and there throughout the week and running the risk of forgetting to Tweet.

Monitor and manage notifications, messages and more

With Tweetdeck you can monitor who is replying to your tweets, liking them, and sending you messages. The interface has columns that provide information for each so you don’t have to move around to get things done. It simplifies the process of managing a Twitter account, and saves you time and effort.

These Tweetdeck basics should help you better manage your business Twitter account! Tweetdeck is not only effective tool, it can replace Twitter if you prefer to use it over the popular social media platform. With all the same capabilities in one simple interface, it’s a worthwhile platform to investigate.

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