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The Benefits of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

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If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce, you have probably seen a positive change in your business. Although it takes time to get involved with your local chamber, making the commitment provides many benefits for you and your employees.

If you’ve considered joining your local chamber but put it off, you may have done so for a number of reasons. As a business owner, you may fear that your hectic schedule will prevent you from attending events and getting the most out of your investment. You may also be under the impression that your business has to be a certain size in order to join. In reality, though, most chambers provide a wide, flexible range of events and opportunities that support businesses of any size. Whether you are the sole worker staff of your business or you employ over 500 workers, joining your local chamber of commerce can offer a big list of advantages.


Newsletters, guidebooks, and other chamber of commerce publications can highlight your business and increase the visibility of your product or service. Chambers are also a great source of information for visitors and local residents, and consistently refer potential customers to their members. What’s more, by introducing new people in a variety of industries, chamber events also allow you to market your business to other members, whom you might otherwise never have met.


Chambers often get involved in local government, and can help give your business a stronger voice on issues that affect you, your employees, and your customers. By working together to reach common goals, and collectively advocating for education, healthcare, bond issues, and more, chamber members also help improve the local business community as a whole.


Joining your local chamber can positively affect other organizations’ perceptions of your business, and also the views of consumers. Statistics show that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that is a chamber of commerce member, and 44% are likely to view those businesses more favorably (Source: American Business Magazine). Plus, some businesses also give discounts for chamber members, a great advantage for small or new entrepreneurs. The reliability and trust your company gains through chamber of commerce membership will boost perception of your brand as an industry leader, and possibly give you the potential to increase revenue.


The chamber of commerce not only advocates for its members, but also brings professionals together to learn from their failures and successes. Attending chamber of commerce events can help you stay up to date on issues that affect the community – and events can take on a range of shapes and sizes, with attendees from all industries and backgrounds. The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, for instance, hosts Business After Hours and Early Bird Breakfasts among their regular monthly meetings, encouraging diverse members and other business professionals to collaborate in supporting the business community.

Though it can require time and investment, becoming a chamber of commerce member is a great opportunity to increase the reputation and reach of your business, and also to make a difference in your community. No matter what your expertise, you are sure to make new business contacts through your local chamber, and expand your company’s visibility through a variety of channels.

If you want to see what becoming a member of a chamber of commerce is all about before taking the plunge, join Pulse Marketing Agency at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event this Thursday, February 13, from 5-7PM. It’s a great opportunity to meet with members, win fantastic prizes, and enjoy drinks and appetizers, right here in our Exchange Street office!

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