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5 Tips to Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing in 2016

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After years of being seen as just a novelty, social media has now become a recognized marketing channel. As more people join social networking sites, marketing through them will become more important than ever. Even if you’re already using social media, updating your strategies will make your use of it more effective.

Here’s a 5 step guide to ramp up your social media strategy for 2016:

Audit. The new year is the perfect time to audit existing content and adjust your social media strategies accordingly. First, list which channels you’re on, who has access to them and what type of content you have been posting. Then, find out what has been the reaction from fans by using social media analytics programs. All of this information is valuable and can inform your social media strategies moving forward.

Aim. Like with any other marketing strategy, you need to know who your social media audience is and how to best reach them. All social media channels have analytics programs to help your track your pages’ performance. This information can be useful for post creation and timing that best reaches your target audience.

Personalize. The relational nature of social media allows you to connect with your clients on a more personal level than any other marketing channel. Giving your profile an authentic, human voice to your posts develops your brand and builds a relationship with your clients.

Automate. Social media is one of the most time consuming marketing tasks. To respond to this concern, marketing automation software has been developed allowing users to save time by scheduling posts. This can be especially helpful for small businesses that may not have a designated staff member to maintain their social media accounts.

Adjust. The timely nature of social media makes it essential for your business to keep up with current events and trends in your industry. This doesn’t mean that your posts can have some spontaneity. You just have to be willing to be adaptable and adjust your posts accordingly.

Whether you’re an experienced social media user or you’re just beginning to discover this tool, these steps can help you improve your strategy.

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