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Pictures are Worth More Than 1,000 Words on Social Media

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Every year, the holiday season seems to arrive sooner and sooner. Holiday sales and decorations begin to show up in October. Your business needs to keep customers’ attention during the holi-daze, and stand out among the many offers they’ll be bombarded with.

The old saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is definitely true when it comes to social media visual content. Your customers are attracted to engaging visuals. Social media is a great place to post photos and videos to catch the eye, and the holidays are a great time to do this. Getting your entire staff on board can make for fun and memorable photos.

Constant Contact, an email marketing service, has come up with a 30 day challenge for businesses to partake in during the holiday season. They have challenged entrepreneurs to take a photograph each day and post it on social media. Each day’s photo has a different theme, both holiday and non-holiday related. Here is the complete list of themes—we’ve included some photo ideas for each:

30 Ideas for Social Media Marketing Visual Content, Holiday Style

  • Starting your day – How does your business start the day?
  • New and improved – Has your business improved any products or services for the holidays?
  • A special offer – What’s your deal of the day or week? Do you have coupons?
  • Something funny – Take a silly photo of your staff or something in your office.
  • On display – Does your business have a special holiday display or product on display?
  • Something that sparkles – Glamorize your profile with something shiny.
  • Outside your window – How is the view outside your window?
  • Someone who is important to you – Who is the greatest star at your business?
  • Festive fashion – Show us your best ugly holiday sweaters.
  • In your mug – How do you take your coffee? Show us your favorite mug.
  • Your to-do list – What do you have to do today?
  • A special tradition – What special holiday tradition does your business have?
  • Your front door – Where do you start and end your day?
  • Something made – Show us your mad DIY skills with a homemade decoration or treat.
  • How you relax – What do you do to relax?
  • Your workspace – How is your office or store decorated for the holidays?
  • The weather outside is…frightful or delightful?
  • A symbol of the season – What is your business’ favorite seasonal symbol?
  • Something sweet – What is your staff’s favorite holiday treat?
  • Treat yourself – How does your staff indulge during the holidays?
  • The best part of your day – What was the best part of today?
  • Bright lights – Show us your best holiday light display.
  • Work hard, play hard – How does your staff work and play hard?
  • A unique gift – What gift are you giving your customers this year?
  • Your inspiration – Who or what inspires you and your business?
  • Something to be grateful for – Who or what is your staff grateful for?
  • A happy customer – Share your customer success stories.
  • Take a #SmallBizSelfie – We let you take a selfie.
  • Warm and cozy – How does your business get warm and cozy?
  • Something brand new – Does your business have a new product or service for the holidays?

While this list is full of ideas, there are many ways to market your business this holiday season.

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