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The Impact of Online Reviews on Your Sales

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With the popularity of websites like Yelp, most consumers begin their shopping online by reading reviews of products and businesses. Most businesses have the option to review products or services directly on their websites. It seems that what people are saying about you online matters more than how you promote what you are selling yourself.

Even though they take place online, these reviews impact your business in real life as well. About 90% of consumers read online reviews before they even visit a business. Out of those consumers, 72% say that positive online reviews make them trust a business more. Trust is the foundation to any business-consumer relationship and positive online reviews help to build this trust.

Once these customers visit your business, the fact that they will most likely be reviewing you online makes customer service more important than ever. Make every effort to build a positive relationship with your customers from their first interaction with you.

All feedback, positive and negative affects your business. Negative reviews must be dealt with in order to maintain your reputation. To do this, you must respond promptly and politely to negative reviews. If you’ve made mistakes, own up to them, apologize and correct them. This will make your customers view you in a more positive light than if you would simply ignore the negative feedback your business receives.

In the age of online reviews, paying attention to what people are saying about you is more important than ever. Even more important to your success are the people reviewing your products or services. For more help marketing your business, give Pulse Marketing Agency a call for a free 30-minute consultation today.

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