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3 Ways Your Employees Can Help You Increase Sales

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For a lot of business-to-consumer companies, the holiday season is the time of year they rely on to get them through some of the slower months. With the first day of autumn already behind us, now is the perfect time to prepare your employees for your upcoming busy season. Here are three ways your employees should be helping you increase sales this fall:

Customer Service

We all know the importance of good customer service for your brand’s reputation and customer retention. The holiday season, however, can sometimes bring out a different side of people as they are stressed, busy, and are dealing with a time constraint to make purchases. Your employees should use this opportunity to create an excellent customer experience, no matter what the situation is. Great customer service helps make the sale, increase the potential for future sales, and can make a brand advocate out of the customer. After all, you never know what that customer will say about your brand during the family get together.

Product Knowledge

Your employees should already be well versed in the details of your products, but for any seasonal hires or employees with less experience, you may want to do additional training to make sure they are prepared to answer anything about your product, company policies, competitor products, etc. Not only does it make for a great sales experience, but it will also help improve customer satisfaction with your products. When customers have the assurance from your employees of the quality of your products, this will increase their trust in your brand and the likelihood that they will purchase from you again.

Cross-sell, Up-sell

When your employees have a full grasp of your products, the cross-sell and up-sell process will be much easier. Teach your employees to recognize when there is an opportunity to introduce similar or complementary products to an interested customer. To do this, employees should be asking the right questions, such as, “who is the [product] for?” “did you take a look at the [other product] we offer?” When it seems the customer is sold on the product, employees should ask, “do you have an [accessory] for the [product]?” Each situation is going to be unique based on the needs of the customer, but getting to know the customer is key to anticipating what other products might be of use to them and making that sale.

Once your customer is in the store or on the phone, it is up to your employees to make the buying experience as comfortable and easy as possible. By training your employees to provide the best customer service, with knowledge of the products, and the ability to cross-sell and up-sell products, your brand will be on its way to a successful and profitable holiday season.

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