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4 Ways to Use Your Content to Attract Leads

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In order to increase your client base, you first must attract them. To do this, you have to know who they are, where they are and what they’re seeking. Create a buyer persona to learn how to best communicate with your target audience. Your website and social media pages offer a wealth of information about audience.

Once you have a better understanding of your audience, you can shape compelling content that speaks to them in their own language, through their preferred channels.  Here are 4 ways to use your content to attract new leads, and hopefully convert them into new clients:

Give it some highlights. Don’t simply list the benefits of your product or service. Instead, emphasize value. Highlight the benefits of doing business with your brand, and what sets your brand apart from the competitors. Drive this point home with visual context and emotion – an image, video, or preview that demonstrates why the viewer needs the product.

Be enthusiastic. Stoke your viewers’ curiosity by sharing exciting information in your field. Don’t be afraid to make creative or unusual connections from seemingly unrelated fields. Start with a strong headline, clearly describing what your product or service does, and how it can help prospects solve their challenge.

Give it a test drive. Try a variety of content to see which formats get better responses. Remember that most prospects visit the web to research, not to purchase. Social proof, such as customer reviews on your social media or blog, will help establish expertise and credibility. And no matter which channels you choose, be sure they all include clear, accessible calls-to-action and contact options.

Be of use. Your content should do more than engage your prospects. Inbound marketing revolves around trading useful information like e-books, webinars, podcasts or checklists, for a lead. So, your content should also persuade prospects to share their contact information in exchange for materials they find valuable. When surveyed about the type of content they preferred, 82% of prospects said that lead nurturing content targeted to their specific industry is most valuable.

Your content is a valuable asset in your lead generation strategy and must be crafted as such.

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