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10 Traits of a Great Marketer

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I’ve been a marketer for almost 18 years now and have had the pleasure to work with some amazing professionals throughout my career.  I love when I meet someone and feel inspired by their demeanor and business acumen – it is so refreshing.  It turns out I’ve noticed that successful marketers have some common traits; let’s see if you agree with me:

  • They are remarkable observers.  Great marketers love to observe people’s behaviors – what makes them tick, what makes them feel special, what makes them feel calm, what makes them fall in love with a product, and so on.  In fact, successful marketers are obsessed with market behaviors.
  • They are extremely curious.  Marketers want to know what you think of things, what you like and dislike.  Skillful marketers always have more questions to ask and keep wondering about what your reaction would be in a different scenario.
  • They are good sales people.  Talented marketers can sell ice to Eskimos.  One can’t be a good marketer and not be a good sales person.  Whatever the conversion might be – the sale of a product, donation for a cause, or a subscription to a service – marketers are the ones behind the scenes guiding the sales process, and they can only be successful if they can convey their message in an effective manner.
  • They are not afraid to try something new.  As mentioned above, great marketers are as curious as they come and love to try something new. Expert marketers seek challenges, they don’t run away from them.  There’s nothing more exciting in the life of a marketer than testing a new way to convey a message and observing the outcomes.
  • They are eternal students. The best professionals in the world dedicate a significant amount of their personal time to professional development.  They don’t work 9 to 5.  Expert marketers are no different – they spend many personal hours and dollars researching, reading, networking, and advancing their skills. They know that there’s always someone out there who knows more, and there’s always room for improvement.
  • They are good planners, but even better doers.  Great marketers love to be in the trenches – it’s where the adrenaline comes from!  They don’t just regurgitate buzz words and quotes from the latest books – they’ve been there, done that, and are currently trying something new. Actually, great marketers never stop; they are always working on something fresh and exciting.
  • They can spot red flags from afar and are bluntly honest. Marketers are innate strategists, they love to play chess, and are always thinking about their next move.  They can spot red flags from far, far away and will tell you what to expect.  Any marketer worth your dime won’t promise what they can’t deliver.
  • They are involved with their communities. Because they are good observers, and very much aware of their surroundings and the needs of the market, successful marketers are highly involved in their communities.  They love challenges and get a huge sense of accomplishment by sharing their skills in a meaningful manner.
  • They have their ego in check.  Sure everyone loves a pat on the back, but most successful professionals, including marketers, are not seeking glory.  Great marketers never begin a conversation with a list of their achievements, they are mostly interested in the client’s challenges and how they can help them solve them.
  • They are accountable. Distinguished professionals are always accountable for their actions; it’s one of the qualities that makes them better than the rest.  Great marketers believe in accountability and are not afraid of data and reporting.

In essence, I think all of us like to work with authentic, knowledgeable, and accessible professionals.  As you search for your next marketing partner, take a moment to observe your options and see if the traits I mentioned above are present.  If so, you’ve found a great marketer worth your time and money!

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