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Not a Natural Content Writer? Here Are 7 Resources You Need!

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Whether you’re updating your website or inking your next blog post, writing content can be difficult. Creating original, fresh, quality content can seem like climbing a mountain, especially when it’s on a daily basis. However, good content is at the heart of every business, and high quality content is essential to remaining relevant on the web –even more so with the most recent search engine algorithm changes.  Sound daunting? Here’s a list of resources to help you reap the benefits of good content writing today.

  • Web Wise Wording’s 10 Web Writing Tips gives you 10 tips on how to write what today’s Internet users want and expect.
  • Copyblogger’s 11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing provides suggestions on how to deliver a relevant idea clearly and directly, without sounding like you’re trying to sound smart.
  • Mignon Fogarty is a queen of grammar, spelling, and word usage in the English language. She bundles her knowledge into user-friendly guides as Grammar Girl on Quick and Dirty Tips.
  • Copyeditor Shane Arthur has some great advice on editing and polishing your writing in his article 7 Simple Edits That Make Your Writing 100% More Powerful.
  • Skilledup contributor Brad Zomick’s article, How To Write Awesome Original Content: Tips, Tools, & Techniques, offers up great information that is helpful in learning how to consistently produce solid, original content.
  • Openvine’s blog post, 9 Tips for Writing Great Business Website Content, presents tips and techniques small businesses can use to keep potential customers on your website long enough to see what you have to offer.
  • 10 Tips for Writing Effective Content, written by us here at Pulse, discusses ways businesses can write their own fresh, engaging content to draw traffic to social media pages and websites.

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