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If Santa Was A Marketer: 5 Things for Your Marketing Wish List

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By this time of the year, most kids have a pretty good idea of what they’d like Santa to bring them for Christmas. When it comes to small business owners, though, the same question can be a puzzle. Bigger budgets and ROI aside, what should industrious, innovative marketers ask for this season?  Since Santa has an age limit to his North Pole gifts roster, here are a few gift ideas to help diligent entrepreneurs reward their inner marketers.

Shiny new wrapping. Every business has its challenges – don’t bang your head against the wall over the trials you faced this year. Even major setbacks can be opportunities to boost brand loyalty and support in the long run. This year, instead of looking back on your mistakes, focus on looking ahead for the best ways to turn these valuable learning experiences into positive growth.

Milk and cookies. Smart business owners know that success depends on loyal, satisfied supporters. Take time to thank your employees and customers personally for their support this year, and show them that you value the contributions they’ve made to your company. They’ll appreciate that special touch, you’ll gratify your own spirit of good-will, and it will start the post-holiday work experience off on a positive note.

A long winter’s nap. Even devoted businesses deserve a break during the holidays. So go ahead: take some time off. Sleep late, turn off your electronic gadgets, and avoid business conversations – just relax and enjoy your family, good food, and memorable moments. More than likely, you’ll come back with a clearer, fresher mind when you do return to the office – and maybe a few new marketing ideas for 2014.

A good book for 2014. Effective marketing means understanding your audience and the world they live in. If you haven’t already, put together a solid reading list to stay savvy about changing theories, business insights, and cultural trends. Whether it’s a new marketing book, a blog or magazine subscription, or just powerful articles by industry leaders, don’t start the new year without a supply of fresh, challenging perspectives.

A list (and check it twice). Where do you want to be by this time next year? The best gift you can give your business is a solid marketing plan – a set of clearly-defined objectives and strategies to help you hit the ground running. Much of the business world tends to slow down just after the holidays, so if strategic planning hasn’t been one of your priorities, now’s a great time to get started!

The holidays are a great time for entrepreneurs to recharge from the daily stresses of running a business – and the right kind of marketing wish list can provide the tools you need to start the new year on a positive note.

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