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Holiday Marketing Lessons from Charlie Brown

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For those dedicated individuals (myself included) who watch the classic holiday TV specials every year, the story behind Charlie Brown’s Christmas is as timeless and familiar as ‘Jingle Bells.’ From a professional perspective, though, the special also illustrates a few (subtle) marketing best practices. Charlie Brown’s character is endearing because he’s not a salesman, but at the same time, he’s at least unconsciously in touch with some pretty important fundamentals.

Be original.Who you are as a business matters as much as what you sell – especially when everyone else sells the same thing. So never mind the popular trends: what fresh insights, values, or ideas will draw people to connect with your brand in a tough market? Though it may involve some risk, real success is about being distinctive and sincere, not necessarily edgy.

Demonstrate real value. The more clearly customers understand what they’re getting for their investment, the more they’ll trust your brand to meet their needs. And if they can see that those good returns will keep growing over time, they’ll remain loyal to the source.

Work with purpose. Identifying your biggest challenges, while important, isn’t the same as solving them. For that, you need to decide on a clear direction– a plan of action with specific steps to address your limitations. Breaking large challenges into manageable and measureable tasks means you’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed, and more likely to make a productive change.

Never lose sight of the bigger picture. In the marketing world, it’s easy to forget the long-term purpose behind your efforts when you’re struggling to overcome day-to-day challenges. Haphazard marketing, though, will only go so far. Before you implement any new strategies or ideas, think about how each one will help you move closer to where you ultimately want to be.

Don’t give up. ‘Failure’ doesn’t always mean ‘disaster’ – sometimes it just means a new perspective, for you and your patrons. When things don’t unfold as planned, use the chance to get more in touch with your audience, uphold your brand values, and fine-tune your approach – and you may find that you’ve gained more loyalty and support in the long run.

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Happy Holidays – from all of us here at Pulse!

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