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7 Things You Can Learn from Facebook Insights Data

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If you have a Facebook business page and you haven’t been using Facebook Insights data to improve your overall reach and engagement, you’re missing out on one of the best features your account has to offer. Facebook Insights data offers a wealth of information, all of which can help you improve your presence on the popular social media channel.

Here are 7 things you can learn from this data, and examples of each:

  1. Overall look at your engagement performance. Have you been wondering how many people have viewed your page in a certain date range, how many likes you received last week, or the total video views your new promotion received? Facebook Insights data offers a look at all of this.
  2. Demographics of your followers. Where do your fans come from? What language do they speak? Are they men or women? What age are they? All of these questions are answered in the demographics data section, which can help you tailor posts to the audience your Facebook page caters to.
  3. Performance of your posts and promotions. Facebook Insights provides data about which of your posts and promotions have performed best. You can easily tell which posts resonated with your audience by examining reach and engagement. You can also determine which posts didn’t perform well. By using this data, you can post things that your audience wants to see, increasing engagement and hopefully followership.
  4. If you’re gaining or losing followers. The information Facebook provides about net likes will let you see if you’re gaining or losing followers. The data is presented in an easy-to-read format and will let you know if your page is going boom or bust.
  5. Paid vs. organic reach. If you regularly boost posts, you can see how much of your traffic comes from the paid ads you distribute, and how much traffic comes to your page organically, without being paid for.
  6. Best time to post. This is a great piece of information that will show you when your followers are online. You can ensure that you schedule your posts when the greatest amount of people see them, which can help boost your reach and engagement.
  7. How your page is performing compared to your competition. Watch your competition closely by adding pages to the Pages to Watch section. You can see how their pages are performing compared to yours. This information is based on total page likes, posts throughout the week, and engagement.

Take a look at your insights data. You may be surprised at what you’ll find!

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