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7 Post Ideas for Facebook

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At Pulse, we always suggest that our clients post regularly to their social media profiles. But what does “regularly” mean? On Facebook, you should post 3 times per week, at minimum. It’s preferable to post 2 times per day, 7 days per week. Keeping up with a schedule like that and brainstorming new post ideas can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 post ideas for Facebook.

1. Photos – This is kind of a no-brainer, but here are some ideas that are specific to certain businesses: if you run a retail business, try out photos of your loyal customers and use a caption about what their favorite product is; if you provide a service to your clients, use before and after photos; post photos of behind-scenes work or sneak peeks of something new. Photos will always get more engagement than text-only posts, so keep that in mind as you create your new editorial calendars.

2. Short videos – If you have a smart phone in your hand, you have the means to create short videos about your business. Use a video to announce the day’s special deals, or create a series in which you feature each staff member and why they love to work at your business. Make them personal, engaging, and fun to watch. Videos are always great post ideas for Facebook!

3. Trivia questions about various subjects – The special part of your business is that people don’t know everything about it. They don’t know how many chicken wings you serve in a month’s time or how long it takes to prepare one package for shipping. Inform audiences, give them a look at your everyday routine, and turn it into a fun guessing game by asking others what they think the answer to various questions about your business are.

4. Contests – Contests are an excellent way to get people excited about your products or services. Offer a gift certificate for a 30-minute massage, a gift card for a free meal, or something free that will entice users to participate. Ask them to comment on the post with an answer to a question you’re curious about. Are you thinking about launching a new product, but unsure what the response will be? Ask people to give their input in comment-form, then draw one random winner and give them something nice. Get the answers you need, and offer your audience something in return. If you boost the post, it will garner even more engagement, and maybe even get you more page likes.

5. Inspirational quotes – Everyone likes a great quote. Use a free design program, such as Canva, and choose a nice photo that’s free to use with a quote layered over it. Make sure you include your logo, so if others share it, it lends some brand awareness to your business.

6. Success stories and testimonials – Those great reviews you get on your Facebook page can be repurposed. Use the review, layer it over a nice photo in Canva, and watch the “likes” roll in. Or, you can ask your customers for testimonials and share those. Ask them to submit a photo of themselves using your product with a comment about why they love it. Spreading the joy and staying connected with your customers will pay off in the end.

7. Important information and announcements – Did you hire someone new? Do you have a great new piece of equipment? Did you win an award or get a mention in your local paper? Take it all to Facebook!

What did you think of these 7 post ideas for Facebook? Try some out yourself and see how they work. Keep an eye on your insights and keep using the ones that work best – it’ll help you create your editorial calendars, and contribute to brand awareness for your business.

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