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5 Facebook Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Halloween has come and gone, so we all know that it’s just about time for the marketing to start up for the holiday season. If you maintain a Facebook page for your business, you may be wondering how best to get your audience into the holiday spirit. With that being said, here are five Facebook ideas for the holiday season:

Ask your audience a question. People love to engage if they’re asked to give their input. Perhaps you can start your holiday-themed posts by asking everyone what their favorite holiday tradition is and why. This will help your audience start to think about the holiday season and the things they look forward to when it comes around. If you’re feeling generous you could turn the post into a contest and enter every person who comments into a drawing for a gift card.

Share holiday promotions and deals. A great way to gauge your Facebook audience’s engagement is to offer a holiday promotion or deal that’s specific to Facebook. Let your audience know that you’re giving 50% off one item (or some other great deal), but only if they take a screenshot of the post on your Facebook page and show the cashier when they arrive. This will engage mobile users and give you a chance to connect with Facebook fans within your brick and mortar location.

Decorate your Facebook page (and your storefront). Decorations are fun, festive, and fabulous. You can spruce up your Facebook page for the holiday season with a holiday-themed cover photo. Canva is a great free program that can help you design something that will get your audience into the holiday spirit. You can even decorate your storefront and post photos on Facebook to help get people excited to come in and check it out.

Hold a fun contest. If you own a business that sells home goods, you can have a photo contest that asks your audience to send a picture of their decorated Christmas tree, fireplace, or some other portion of their home. Pick one and give them something special to decorate with, or give them a gift card. You can hold other contests as well, such as a fill-in-the-blank contest. A post could go something like this: “All I want for Christmas is __________. Fill in the blank in the comments below for a chance to win a free cup of coffee at our shop on 123 Main Street!”

Share your own holiday happenings. Showing the face behind your brand can help you with engagement. Share your favorite holiday recipe with a nice photo of you preparing it with your family, or tell your audience if you plan to give back to a local organization to get into the spirit of giving. Share a piece of yourself so that your audience can connect with a person, rather than a store. You can do this with Facebook live, a short video, photos, and more.

The holiday season is upon us. Embracing it may help you get your Facebook fans into the holiday spirit!

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