Scam Alert:

Pulse Marketing Agency has recently been targeted by scammers who have used a fake logo, our company information, and our contact information on a fake job posting on CareerBuilder. This job posting asks for personal information from applicants, including their signature. A follow up email announcing they’ve been selected for the job also asks for bank information for direct deposit, a copy of their license, and more. The job is advertising an open marketing position at “PLUS” marketing agency and the scammers have been using the email address [name] No such job opening or email address within our office exists. These scammers have been leaving robocall messages for the applicants, who have then called our office asking about the position. Additionally, the scammers have been calling applicants on behalf of our agency and asking for credit card information. They have been using names including, but not limited to, “Bradley,” “Missy” and “Maurice” from “PLUS” Marketing or Pulse Marketing as their introductions. If you have provided information to these scammers, please inform the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who we are working with to remedy the situation. They can be reached at 1 (877) 382-4357 ext. 1.

Please do not fill out the forms or submit your personal information. This is a scam.

Click on the images below for more information on the scam emails and forms being sent, in addition to the registration information of the scam web address from a Russian location.