In August of 2015, Pulse was awarded a contract to design and produce three of the Maine Tourism Association’s largest and most widely distributed publications for 2016: Maine Invites You, Maine Highway Map, and Maine Guide to Inns and Bed & Breakfasts and Camps & Cottages. These publications are distributed all over the world and are used at national trade shows to highlight and market Maine as a great place to visit in any season. Pulse was challenged with creating these publications targeting the Maine Office of Tourism’s three defined customer personas.


Pulse created a custom design style for the Maine Invites You publication to increase usability and readability for a wide range of demographics. Pulse worked within the framework of the existing design template to accomplish all changes necessary to produce the new edition. This new edition includes new typography, design elements, and updates to layout grids, and colors were adjusted to follow the new design elements. Pulse wrote content for Maine Invites You articles using the Maine Office of Tourism’s brand voice of originality. These articles covered a variety of topics to generate interest in Maine and show its diverse culture and activities that cater to virtually any individual.

Pulse incorporated the new design elements of the travel planner into the Maine Highway Map, which provided brand consistency as the map is often paired with the larger publication. Pulse also updated the Maine Guide to Inns and Bed & Breakfasts and Camps & Cottages, giving the cover a fresh look by featuring a large attractive photo to represent staying in Maine. For all three publications, Pulse provided advertisement and listing placement, proofing, and print-ready and digital files.


The Maine Invites You travel planner and Maine Highway Map have been received very well by both the Maine Office of Tourism and the Maine Tourism Association.

Early feedback suggests that the 2016 Maine Invites You is easier to navigate than previous editions.

Pulse’s use of large, stunning photos and graphics increases the visual appeal of the publications from previous editions.