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In May of 2013, Pulse was awarded a contract with the HealthySV Coalition to develop a communications plan encompassing outreach, education, and awareness of its programs and services to local target audiences.


Taking into consideration a variety of grant regulations, communication goals, and the challenges of reaching out to a low-income, low education population residing in the rural areas of the Sebasticook Valley, we developed a strategy that made more effective use of the Coalition’s resources and more strongly aligned the benefits of their services with the needs of their target audiences.

Pulse identified the best media formats and channels to reach the largely rural and low-income population of the Sebasticook Valley area, and developed communication strategies to increase brand awareness and visibility of the services offered to those populations. It was understood at the time that a significant percentage of the population in the Sebasticook Valley area was unaware of the HealthySV Coalition and its services.

Based on information provided by HealthySV staff and our own market research (including a series of focus groups), we designed and wrote content for a variety of posters, postcards, brochures, branded folders, and fliers promoting two separate marketing campaigns: HealthSV’s Substance Abuse and Prevention Program (targeting middle- and high-school students) and its Healthy Living campaigns (targeting low-income and rural populations to encourage proper exercise and nutrition to prevent chronic health issues).


While HealthySV approached us with a tight marketing budget, the success of the campaign’s early pieces prompted the organization to allocate additional funding for the project. The new, comprehensive communications plan allowed the Coalition to present a stronger, more unified image, increase awareness of their organization, and better convey the value of their services to their target audience.

The campaign has been very successful and HealthySV received great feedback from the community on their efforts to educate rural and low-income populations on the risks of obesity, tobacco, and alcohol use. The Substance Abuse Prevention posters are still present in the public schools, community centers, and churches in the Sebasticook Valley area.

We received great feedback from the community on how our choice of words and images helped reach out to teens at risk in a way that resonated with them. With a clear direction and measurable campaign initiative, HealthySV has experienced recognizable success on both educational campaigns.

Client Testimonial

“In my experience with Pulse, they were always professional and responsive to my needs. I am impressed with their strong connections and ability to work collaboratively with private, public, and government organizations. They believe in the work they do and it shows in these interactions” – Celia Yodice, Healthy Maine Partnership Director