In September 2013, the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce awarded its guidebook contract to Pulse Marketing Agency. With a goal of attracting more visitors nationally and internationally, we set out to update the guidebook’s design and layout with a limited budget.


Pulse produced a 108-page publication including an “outer” 70 plus cover section and an “inner” 30 plus cover section – each prepared as a separate, free-standing design document. Advertisements and listings within the guidebook, a significant revenue generator for the Chamber, were revised, replaced, and repositioned as necessary. Over 200,000 copies of the guidebook were printed and the Chamber ran out of supply before the demand was met. The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce then awarded Pulse with contracts to recreate their Discover MDI marketing catalog and the Bar Harbor Relocation & Business Guide.

Bar Harbor Chamber employees reported seeing people using the view books’ maps and listings while traversing the town and surrounding areas, and noticed an increase in demand from international travel agencies. They have attributed the success of the new publications to Pulse’s creative design layout, which made it easy for both domestic and international tourists to enjoy Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, but most importantly it has helped local businesses attract more visitors and increase revenue.


We were able to prove our design abilities to such an extent that the Chamber requested us to modify and update the branding guidelines and styles for the 2015 view books.

We conducted market research and gathered information about other publications of favorite destination areas within the United States to discover new trends and develop a design concept that would stay ahead of the curve, yet still appeal to Bar Harbor’s established audience.

The Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park 2015 Guidebook was very well-received and we are proud to know that “America’s Favorite Place” believes our concept for a modernized guidebook is the best one they’ve ever had. We’ve already begun the 2016 guidebook planning in preparation for Acadia National Park’s centennial celebration.