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In September of 2013, Pulse was awarded an initial contract with the Bangor Public Health & Community Services (BPHCS) to develop a communications plan encompassing outreach, education, and awareness of its programs and services to local target audiences.


We understood that people in the greater Bangor area didn’t quite understand the mission and purpose of what was previously known as the Bangor Health Department. We began with a full audit and redesign of BPHCS’s existing logo to better reflect its role as a trusted Bangor health resource, including the development of a graphic style guide to help the organization maintain a consistent brand image.

Following this successful rebranding, Pulse created a full communications plan for BPHCS to increase awareness and visibility of their services, and better convey the value of the resources they offer. The plan outlined customized strategies and tactics to address their internal and external constituents, identify the best media formats and outlets to reach their target audience (low-income populations in the greater Bangor area) – encouraging engagement and empowering them to make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

Rather than dictating the way the information had to be conveyed from a local government agency, we listened to the challenges, needs, and desires of our target groups to craft a program that resonated with the public at both rational and emotional levels. We decided to use a cartoonish version of our local hero – Paul Bunyan. In fact, we humanized the myth so much that we even gave him a family! Paul Bunyan became our ‘spokesperson’ on a variety of topics from exercising, to nutrition, to substance abuse.

We created a variety of materials for this campaign including a PSA video, T-shirts, internal and external community bus posters, wall posters that were distributed throughout the greater Bangor area by Pulse staff, smoke-free signage for the American Folk Festival, and topic specific brochures.


The campaign has been quite successful and we continue to receive amazing feedback on how we were able to give life to Paul Bunyan and how well the campaign resonates with people of all walks of life.

We’d like to attribute the success of this campaign in part to our portrayal of Paul as regular guy – a father, a husband, and a son – who wishes to live well and give the best to his family, just like anyone else.

With a new, redefined brand and strategic direction, BPHCS has increased its brand visibility in the community, which has helped them reach out to populations that were previously unaware of their services.

Client Testimonial

“Pulse Marketing Agency understands public health messaging and they understand the population we are trying to reach. Staff are accessible, attentive, creative, and dedicated to producing a quality product. I am impressed with their strong connections and ability to work collaboratively with private, public, and government organizations. they believe in the work they so and it shows in these interactions.” -Jamie Comstock, Health Promotion Manager, Bangor Public Health and Community Services